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 Did you fail to find the spare part you need?

 To properly select spare parts, it is often reasonable to seek professional advice. For that reason, we have provided an opportunity to easily and safely select and buy spare parts you need.


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Correctly: Front right shock absorber
Wrong: Shock Absorber


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How does Vin-enquiry operate?

1. Please complete the form. Please note that accurate completion of the form helps qualitatively and correctly select spare parts.
2. After you have sent your form, our specialists will find spare parts you are interested in, sending you a letter, containing information on prices and availability of goods, at your e-mail address.


Where to look for the Vin-number and what does it mean?

Vin-number is the vehicle chassis (body, frame) number. It is assigned to the vehicle as it comes off the production line and contains exact information on the vehicle specifications.
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the chassis (body, frame) number, always 17 characters. VIN number is indicated in the registration certificate of your vehicle.


Where is VIN-number placed?

The easiest way to find it is to carefully read technical documents of the vehicle. Marking methods, identification number locations may greatly differ, depending on preferences of the manufacturer. Nonetheless, in most cases you will find VIN-number in the following places:
- upper left of the control panel, bottom of the windscreen (number is placed so as to be visible only from outside);
- near the driver’s seat, at the base of the wheel arch (VIN-number may be viewed when the door in open);
- under the driver’s seat (to view it, you should move the seat and turn up the floor mat);
- on a special plate under the hood, which is attached with screws and rivets in a visible place.



Where is VIN-number placed?