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Deflection/Guide Pulley, timing belt FEBI - 10045

FEBI - 10045   Deflection/Guide Pulley, timing belt
Params Description
Width [mm] 29
Inner diameter [mm] 10
Outer diameter [mm] 80
Material Metal
Weight [kg] 0,612
Required quantity 1

EAN: 4027816100454

FEBI - 10045 Used in vehicles

29.78 €
25.91 €

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Manufacturer OE Numbers
AUDI 038109244B
AUDI 038109244H
AUDI 038109244R
AUDI 38109244C
AUDI 38109244M
AUDI 038109244C
AUDI 038109244M
AUDI 38109244B
AUDI 38109244H
AUDI 38109244R
SEAT 038109244C
SEAT 038109244M
SEAT 38109244B
SEAT 38109244H
SEAT 38109244R
SEAT 038109244B
SEAT 038109244H
SEAT 038109244R
SEAT 38109244C
SEAT 38109244M
SKODA 38109244C
SKODA 38109244M
SKODA 038109244C
SKODA 038109244M
SKODA 38109244B
SKODA 38109244H
SKODA 38109244R
SKODA 038109244B
SKODA 038109244H
SKODA 038109244R
VW 038109244B
VW 038109244H
VW 038109244R
VW 38109244C
VW 38109244M
VW 038109244C
VW 038109244M
VW 38109244B
VW 38109244H
VW 38109244R
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