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 Every registered user can use the discount system, which has been setup on our webpage.

We can offer two types of discounts to our users:
Discount type
Permanent discount.
The dynamic discount is automatically assigned to the user, depending on the amount of the order.
Static (permanent) discount
 Our system automatically assigns a discount in the amount of 2% to every registered user.
 You can also acquire an additional discount. In order to acquire it, contact our managers by phone or by e-mail with a request for a discount.
 Possible reasons for acquiring an additional permanent discount:
  • You are an employee of a maintenance station or a car workshop and buy parts for your clients.
  • You wish to compile an order for an amount, which exceeds 500 EUR. In order to do this, You need to register and to submit your login or e-mail to our manager.
  • You are our long-term customer, and you have compiled and paid for 2 and more orders.
Dynamic discount
It is automatically assigned to a user, depending on the total amount of all the orders for a definite period of time:  - 100 calendar days.
The total amount of all orders for a period of 100 days
From 200 €
From 400 €
From 800 €
 From 1500 €
From 2500 €
 From 3500 €
*The estimated amounts are indicated in EUR (€) currency. For other currencies, the estimated amount (the total amount of all orders for 100 days) is equivalent to the exchange rate of the national currency to EUR. Also, the amount may differ in an insignificant way due to changes in exchange rates.
The dynamic discount is recalculated and corrected once per day.
For legal entities
We offer special prices for legal entities.
We hereby bring to your notice, that the prices on our webpage include the Value Added Tax!
In case You would like to purchase parts without Value Added Tax, please compile a list of required parts and send it to our e-mail. Our manager will process Your order and provide You with an invoice for payment.
In order to acquire additional discounts, please contact our managers by phone or by e-mail
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